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  • Morroco's accension to Ecowas: Threats and oppurtunities - Abuja Policy Dialogue; August
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  • Peer Review on the Country Report on Industrialisation, August

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  • Climate Change Regional Training Workshop West Africa Edition, August
  • Peer review on the Country Report on Industrialisation August
  • Abuja Policy Debate goes Lagos: The poor must also live. Forceful demolition of markets and living areas in Lagos and its effect on the poor.
  • Symposium on identified gaps and challenges of the security sector in Nigeria

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National Conference of Informal Workers Organisation in Nigeria
(16-17 June, 2010)

Informal Sector Conference Abuja

Approximately 80% of the working population in Nigeria is employed in the informal sector, but informal sector workers continue to suffer from comprehensive absence of social protection, access to friendly business environment, lack of representation and participation in political decision making processes. At the same time, the informal sector has seen rising organization within informal sector associations, communication with the
Nigerian Labour Congress on possible areas of cooperation. Until recently however, the sector still lacked an umbrella organization.

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, in cooperation with the Nigerian Automobile Technician Association (NATA), therefore organized a conference establishing the Federation of Informal Workers' Organisations of Nigeria (FIWON) on 16-17 June, 2010, in Abuja. This is a major step towards a broader national organization and formulation of demands from Nigeria’s informal sector workers. The FES will continue to cooperate with FIWON in supporting the
self-organization of the informal sector.