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  • 2017 Activities

  • Morroco's accension to Ecowas: Threats and oppurtunities - Abuja Policy Dialogue; August
  • Electoral Risk Management Training Workshop, Ondo, November 2016
  • Climate Change Regional Training Workshop West Africa Edition, August
  • Peer Review on the Country Report on Industrialisation, August

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  • Climate Change Regional Training Workshop West Africa Edition, August
  • Peer review on the Country Report on Industrialisation August
  • Abuja Policy Debate goes Lagos: The poor must also live. Forceful demolition of markets and living areas in Lagos and its effect on the poor.
  • Symposium on identified gaps and challenges of the security sector in Nigeria

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May Day Symposium holds in Abuja

Workers Day Symposium 2012

(NLC President Comrade Abdulwahed Ibrahim Omar at the Pre-May Day Symposium)

The President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Abdulwahed Ibrahim Omar, bemoaned the bad security situation in the country. To tackle this issue, he recommended that the government should increase the fight against the social causes of crime and terrorism like unemployment, missing food security and a bad education system.

Omar’s demand was part of this year’s Pre-May Day Symposium with the topic: “Right to Work, Food & Education: Panacea to Insecurity” organized by the NLC/TUC. High-ranking comrades and professors presented papers to relating issues.

In one of the contributions, Trade Union Congress (TUC) President-General Peter Esele suggested the establishment of a strong Labour Party to strengthen the influence of trade unions in the country. He was supported by Ali Chiroma and the comrades in the fully occupied auditorium in Abuja’s Labour House.

The tone is set for the May Day Rally 2012 at the Eagle Square, Abuja.