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Selected publications FES Nigeria 2003-2015. Please contact us for copies of publications which are not available online.

Publications 2015

Lakemfa, Owei
Parliament of the Streets : Mass Strikes and Street Protests that shook Nigeria in 2012

Publications 2014

Lai' Olurode (D.Phil) & M. Ahmad Wali: (FES Discussion Paper No. 6): CITIZENSHIP AND ELECTORAL REFORMS IN AFRICA

Lai' Olurode (D.Phil):Election Security: Stakeholders' Perspectives

Publications 2013

Festus Okoye: (FES Discussion Paper No. 5): Prosecution of Electoral Offenders in Nigeria: Challenges and Possibilities (2013)

Edited by Lai' Olurode: Election Security in Nigeria: Matters Arising 2013

Lai' Olurode (D.Phil): (FES Discussion Paper No. 4): State and Political Participation: Women In Nigeria’s 2011 Elections


Publications 2012


FES/TUAC: (TRADE UNION GUIDE): The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: Recommendations for Responsible Business Conduct in a Global Context (2012)

Ike Okonta: (FES Discussion Paper No. 3): The Fire Next Time: Youth, Violence and Democratisation in Northern Nigeria (2012)

Thomas Mättig: Boko Haram. Nigerias Krankheitssymptom. FES Perspektive Dezember 2012

FES-Landesvertreter Thomas Mättig zur Unterstützung nigerianischer Sicherheitskräfte durch die Bundesregierung in der TAZ vom 4. Dezember 2012: Kill and Go

(FES/SIRA): Reflections on Nigeria's Foreign Policy Vol.:11 Consensus and Non-State Actors (2012) Chairperson's speech

(FES) W.O. Alli , Ph.D: The Role of Nigeria in REGIONAL SECURITY POLICY (2012)

(FES) Heiner Dribbusch and Peter Birke: Trade Unions in Germany: Organisation, Environment, Challenges May, 2012


Publications 2011

Tobias Gombert u. a. (FES): Social Democracy Reader 1: Foundations of Social Democracy (Reprint 2011)

(FES/SIRA): Reflections on Nigeria's Foreign Policy Vol.:1 Foundations and Challenges

(FES/INEC): Voter Apathy and the 2011 Elections in Nigeria: A research Report (2011)

Lai Olurode; Attahiru Jega (FES/INEC): Security Challeges of Election Management in Nigeria (2011)

FES: African Media Barometer - Nigeria 2011 (2011)

Thomas Mättig, Das Gespenst Boko Haram, FES Perspektive, Oktober 2011

Kemi Okenyodo; Abena Abioye: (FES/CLEEN Foundation): Good Practices on Gender among West African Security Agencies: A Compilation of Conference Proceedings on Gender Mainstreaming (2011)

Otive Igbuzor (FES/Centre LSD): Alternative Development Strategy for Nigeria Book Series No. 3 (2011)

Eze Onyekpere Esq (FES/CSJ): Non-Transparent Spending (A report on Campaign Finance and use of State and Adminstrative Resources in the 2011 Presidential Elections) 2011

Eze Onyekpere Esq (FES/CSJ): Political Finance Monitoring Manual (2011)

Manfred Öhm, Sebastian Sperling, Arne Schildberg, Peer Teschendorf: Overstretched and Overrated? Prospects of Regional Security Policy in Africa and its European Support

Thomas Mättig, Afrikas Riese meldet sich zurück, Nigerias demokratischer Aufbruch 2011, FES Perspektive, Mai 2011

Thomas Mättig, Nigeria: Eine Wahl mit drei Siegern, DIE ZEIT online, 19.04.2011

Thomas Mättig, Wahlen in Nigeria – demokratische Wende oder Chaos, DIE ZEIT online, April 1, 2011

Michael Cichon;Christina Behrendt; Veronika Wodsak: (International Policy Analysis): The UN Social Protection Floor Initiative: Turning the Tide of the ILO Conference 2011 (2011)

Adam Higazi: (FES Discussion Paper No. 2): THE JOS CRISIS: A Recurrent Nigerian Tragedy (2011)

Publications 2010

'Lai Olurode (FES): Reflections on a Decade of DEMOCRATIZATION in Nigeria (2010) Book Review

Comrade Mma Odi (FES): The Power of WOMEN'S Collective Action (2010) Book Review

Bamidele Atiru (FES/KMF): Nigerian Labour Movement and the Making of an Authentic Constitutional Framework for the Development of Nigeria(2010)

FES/IPC: MEDIA ROUNDTABLE on "The Working and Welfare Situation of Journalists in Nigeria" A REPORT (2010)

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